Editorial Resources

TME—The Military Engineer magazine—continues to be one of SAME’s most highly-regarded member benefit. Feature articles and news columns on current and emerging trends in government and industry provide valuable information to SAME’s more than 30,000 members and subscribers, educate and inform professionals on initiatives and techniques being used in the field, and provide a great opportunity for individuals and companies alike to be seen as experts in the field.

TME welcomes article submittals from all professionals in the field. As such, easy-to-access resources are available to help individuals write and submit feature articles for TME. These include:

  • TME Editorial Calendar. This serves to inform possible authors of the main theme and special reports to be covered in each issue throughout the year. All articles submitted for publication should align with a specific them or report. The Editorial Calendar also includes deadline information for submittal of article proposals and completed manuscripts.
  • Writer Guidelines. Following the Writer Guidelines is an important step for all authors; doing so greatly increases the chance your article will receive a favorable review by the TME editorial staff. The guidelines include information on shaping your article content so it provides the most information for readers, formatting an article, support materials that must accompany the article (photos, captions and credits), and the online submittal process.
  • Submit a Manuscript. This is the online form by which authors should submit articles. All information must be filled out completely to ensure that TME editorial staff have a completed manuscript package to review. Failure to provide all information may result in a delay in reviewing an article, or providing a favorable review of the article.

TME accepts article submittals throughout the year. Please refer to the Editorial Calendar for specific deadlines for each issue of TME.