• Carrier Aqua Edge chiller

  •  SAME 2015 Small Business Conference

By Lt. Col. Bradley L. Johnson, USAF, and Col. Lance D. Clark, P.E., M.SAME, USAF 

By E. Sherrell Crow, PMP, Jeff Freemyer, CCEA, PMP, M.SAME, and Jack Dempsey P.E., M.SAME

By Mark C. Siegenthaler, P.E., PLS, M.SAME, and Laura W. Kelly, P.E.

By  Jeffrey S. Sorenson, P.E., CFM, DBIA, M.SAME, and Sondra Retzlaff, M.SAME

By  Michael Hillesheim, Alicen Kandt, and Steven Phillips 

By  Jesse E. Barrera, P.E., M.SAME, and Zakary J. Payne, P.E., M.SAME

By Lt. j.g. Frances Hunter, CEC, M.SAME, USN, and Lt. James A. Harder, CEC, M.SAME, USN

By Capt. Steve Mackinder, P.E., M.SAME, USAF, and Capt. Holly A. Bigelow, M.SAME, USAF

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